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The Hiatus Has Ended!
Time To Piss Off A New Generation…
By Patrick Kill Posted in News on November 29, 2020
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Back In The Black…

So if your 2020 hasn’t been fucked up enough, my entire backlist has been sold and is now going back into print. In fact, a good chunk of stories have already been made available, but no official announcements have been made…until now.

So it’s been around 15 years since I had written my last story. In 2017, my publisher closed its doors and I decided to just sit on my back catalogue. Perhaps, one day I would release the books again. Or maybe not, just forget it all, grow old and die like a good human is supposed to do.

But during the three year blackout, I was humbled and shocked to get contacted by so many readers requesting me to write again, or to inquire where to find my backlist.

Finally, I gave in and allowed Patrick Zonn to publish the stories online, through the Cult of Kill site. Zonn ran the site for a few years and decided in 2020 to contribute to the independent publishing scene as head curator of the new IndieMuse site that was launched in October. So he has now moved on. I wish him the best with his new endeavor as he was a huge supporter of my early work.

I was within a week or so from shutting this site down completely due to his absence (or perhaps cruel abandonment) when I was contacted by a new publisher. Jackson Weir had been a long-time reader and we connected via Zoom and had a few phone calls throughout the pandemic. He stated that he planned to start up a new extreme small press specializing in short fiction. He asked me if he could use a story or two of mine to launch and I agreed.

So Death To Humans Publishing was launched by Jackson on Halloween 2020. What started out as me selling a few stories to him turned into my entire backlist of stories. He couldn’t decide on just one, so bought them all! I ran off with the riches, bought a new keyboard and a bag of Skittles. (Not just any bag, but what few other authors could ever dream to ever afford…The 54-oz. Party Sized bag of Skittles!)

Due to the newfound interest in my work, I decided to keep the Cult of Kill site active as my personal author site. I even agreed to write new fiction for the first time in more than 15 years! More on that soon!

So I am back. We’ll see how it goes. Being a droplet in a sea of authors has never been a very attractive endeavor to me, but as my most valued readers have stated time and time again: “no one else writes like Patrick Kill!” I always counter that by saying: “also my shit can’t be marketed like most other authors.” In fact, it can’t be marketed at all. First off, readers have never been able to classify it within a genre. Amazon refuses to post ads for “content like mine” and Zonn was actually banned from Facebook Advertising for promoting the Cult of Kill site.

So I enter back into my writing career fifteen years later in what is now a highly censored marketplace. America: the land of the free! 😉 The world has become so PC these days, most people are scared to even speak without an approved script. Humor is dangerous; having a sense of humor seems to be the new minority. We’re the land of Cancel Culture and self-righteous blowhards. Everything seems to be offensive to everyone.

Come to think of it: this is a perfect time for me to make my return.

And, on the bright side, word of mouth spreads like wildfire between the network of weirdos who like my work. So there’s hope to begin again.

Thanks to everyone who has frequented the Cult of Kill site and joined the newsletter. My 15-year hiatus as an author has come to end, mostly because some of you assholes just won’t let it DIE!

So I’ve upped the ante in rubbing readers the wrong way with my new fiction in hopes that I can piss each and every last one of you off, one by one, and then go back to my quiet life of safe solitude and non-creativity.

Until then, expect some part of hell to break loose!

So head over and buy some of my newly released editions, so that the publisher can recoup some of that big bag of Skittles my advance has paid for. I figure about 100 eBooks sold might buy me an additional bag of Skittles, then watch out! I’m going to burn this entire world to the ground, one self-righteous blowhard after another, viruses and all!

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