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By Patrick Kill Posted in on January 6, 2020
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“At first glance, Patrick Kill’s extreme fiction may seem like mindless nihilism, but if you’re willing to let his punches bloody you a bit, you soon discover a method to his madness and an odd sort of poetic justice couched in all the mayhem. Sometimes guiltily hilarious, sometimes disturbing, his stories challenge and often offend in ways we need to be offended in, so that we can see beyond the artificial pale of everyday life to the grimier rivers Kill swims in. At his best and most maniacal, he’s a madman to rival Rasputin, and nearly as worrisome, because in the end, what he has to say about human nature may be far more than merely frightening, provocative or insane. It may also be true.”

—Greg F. Gifune author of Deep Night

“When you read Patrick Kill’s work, your gags will trip over your laughter. You’ll never have more fun having your sensibilities corroded!”

—Brian Knight, author of Hacks and Broken Angel

“Patrick Kill’s stories are biting and bitter, short but not sweet — they hit you like venom spat from a snake. Sometimes thoughtful, always disturbing, and filled with a bile that raises them to a level of intense personal expression. Kill is the Angry Young Man of horror!”

—Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown

“Patrick Kill writes like a wicked living scarecrow, stuffed not with straw, but with monkey guts, sparking computer chips, tarantulas and Halloween candy!”

—Mark McLaughlin, editor, The Urbanite: Surreal & Lively & Bizarre

“Kill’s basic recipe is to combine large portions of sex and violence, season with human sympathy, shake vigorously and serve piping hot.”

—Garrett Peck

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